Wednesday, 19 October 2011

korean gp

In this small chunk today I appear to have hit a slight lull in work.

I've basically managed to finish what I needed to do slightly early and it's taking slightly longer for someone else to finish what I will next have to work on.  As such, I though I'd do a quick blog post so the blog isn't totally empty all week.

Well, I should definitely be able to post Friday and I hope Thursday we're finished, but you never know.

Anyway, last weekend it was the Korean Grand Prix, which I actually really enjoyed.  I managed to make a more sensible fist of things that I did for the preceding weekend's Japanese Grand Prix, so I was a bit more alert, which may well have helped.

However, I think actually the combination of tyres, DRS, KERS and track layout worked quite well together.  The layout seemed to have a good few places where overtaking would work normally and the addition of the tyres and sensible placing of DRS helped add further opportunities.

The highlight of the race was probably a huge battle between Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton.  Their cars clearly had different strengths and it lead to some really close racing.  Also, of course, they're both really good drivers and up for a fight.

Lewis seemed very out of sorts when he wasn't in the car.  In the car he seemed well up for it, pumping in some top qualifying times and really battling with Webber.

However, out of the car you wouldn't believe it was the same guy.  He actually seemed like he might have been unwell, but I think it was more a reflection of some sort of unhappiness.

The weird thing, as I say, was that, in the car, he was fine.  It therefore made the out of car stuff seem deliberate - as in, he wasn't unwell, but wanted to show he was unhappy.  I dunno - it was all very odd.

So yeah, overall, I enjoyed the race and it seems that last year's wet race (it was wet all day Friday so that may have helped the racing as it meant there was no dry practice until Saturday morning, making it difficult to set the cars up - last year was the first year and it was wet, of course, and we have a different tyre supplier) might have robbed us of a great race.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stands seemed empty.  I mean, it wasn't as bad as some of the new circuits we go to, but certainly some of the stands clearly had no-one in them.

Monday, 17 October 2011

work wins again

Unfortunately no blog post today as I've been incredibly busy at work just recently - so busy, in fact, that I've used up all the pre-written posts I put together and haven't had a chance to generate any more.

I've a fair few things to talk about, just not the time to write the posts.