Thursday, 22 March 2012

Or I'll do loads

Well that didn't quite go according to plan.

Because this week at work was not quite planned, I'd kinda thought I'd turn up and there'd basically be nothing for me to do.  In reality I turned up and there was way too much for me to do.

It's all very weird - the timing was such that on the Monday there was a new project starting and I was asked to contribute to it.  It was a bit of a mess - the specification we responded to was a bit non-sensical and I don't think the people who'd put it together had twigged.  I've put together some stuff and pointed out the non-sensical stuff and I think I've helped things out.

The shame of it in a sense is that I'm back to the contracting next week where really I should do a bit more on this other project to finish it off.

The other weird thing is there was a potential bid to do.  It's all a bit complicated so I won't explain the detail, but the person in question hasn't really been in the office so I was able to step in and sort it out.  It was actually a no bid, but it was another example of good timing.

But also this person needed a few other bits doing so I've been able to do those as well.

So this week has been all about the weirdly good timing.

The week back has also rather emphasised that I really would rather not go back to the contracting thing.  If the contract had split my effort across multiple projects as it was supposed to I might be a bit keener.  If I'd actually had my own desk, rather than having to hot desk I'd definitely have been keener.  If the commute had been much more reasonable I'd have been keen.

But those three things together mean I think I'd rather stay here than go there.

Trouble is if they offer an extension I'm going to feel I should go with it because it means more money coming in to the company.  Even if I were to do a similar short-ish length again I would have paid for my entire year's salary and then some!

Of course it will be a rather last minute offer if they do make the offer - next week is my last week and once it expires they can't extend it, as far as I understand it.

But as I say, I'm thinking that perhaps it will be better all round if the offer isn't made.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

back to work... again

Well now, here's an unexpected thing - I'm going to be back to my normal place of work next week.

I wasn't really expecting to be back until April at the very earliest, but it's basically worked out that I've finished the report I was doing and it needs reviewing.  Well, that's part f the reason.  The other reason is that they've basically run out of money!

I'll be returning to my contracting place the week after.  In theory it should be for a week, but I dunno - I've a feeling it will either be longer or short.  Longer will require an extension and shorter is if the report is really great and they don't want anything doing (unlikely).

I'm not sure if I want an extension.  I haven't really being enjoying it down there if I'm honest, but it brings money in to the company and with the economic situation it's not exactly a bad idea to be seen to be earning money to cover my wage.

But if I'm really honest I think I want to get a new job.  I'm getting a bit bored with the current situation.

Trouble there is I don't really want to land the company in the lurch - I don't want to get some long extension and then after a few months say "actually, here's my resignation, I'm off!"

Of course there's a massive assumption that I could possibly find a new job!  Certainly I've been struggling to do my CV (I can't for the life of me remember what GCSEs and A-Levels I got and it's hard to squish everything else in to a couple of pages).

Anyway, I guess the upshot is that I might be posting stuff next week during the week, back t normal.  I say guess because I've no idea how busy I might be at work - I don't know if there'll be nothing for me to do or they'll give me too much to do.  Certainly they've given away my computer to someone else...