Friday, 28 February 2014

working weekend

Looks like I'm going to be in working this weekend.

I really didn't need this, but people have let me down left, right and centre.  If they'd done their fucking jobs properly and on time it wouldn't have been necessary.

But of course they haven't so I need to work the weekend to do what needs to be done in time.  Funny how it's always me that has to do this shit.  Give other people two fucking weeks to get their jobs done and they fail to make the deadline, and what they do produce is horribly written drivel.  But of course it's no problem - obviously I can sacrifice my weekend to rewrite the entire fucking document.

The bizarre thing is that this is the exact same thing as where I had the situation that led to "the problems".  People doing their jobs which they've had weeks to do last minute, so then I have to sort out the mess afterwards.

This time, though, I'm not in the situation where it's last minute so I have to make a panicked decision.  No, I get to do that next weekend, I'm sure.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I've not had the chance to blog just recently, and this may be my only post this week.

I thought I'd give a quick update on the whole diet & weight situation.  I mentioned last week that the problem was going to be temptation, and I roundly failed in resisting that temptation.

Just to give you a "for instance", I ate 6 cream cakes last week.  And we're talking big cream cakes - 2 large ├ęclairs, 2 chocolate cream doughnuts and 2 cream buns (like giant profiteroles).  I also ate 4 custard tarts, which I don't count as cream cakes, but are in the same ball-park.

So not good diet-wise.  With the interviews I have to confess I was also expecting the walking to go badly (in the sense that I don't want to be sweaty for an interview, and also it takes time to prep that ate into time I would usually go for a walk.  Well, this didn't prove to be the case.

I also had a few bad nights sleep, due to nerves for the interview, but also the usual semi-insomnia stuff I get bouts of, where I fall asleep no problem but then wake up at 3AM (or similar).

While the latter isn't a good thing, it does seem to eat calories, so I'm guessing the fact I did sufficient walking and this must have counteracted the poor diet, because my weight remained the same - 20 stone 8 pounds.

This makes the third week at this weight, which is good in the sense I've not gained weight when I could so easily have done so, but very bad in terms of the targets I'm aiming for for the Canadian holiday in June.

Part of the problem I'm experiencing is that I'm okay all week (though not this week, to be fair) but then Friday I get a sort of attitude of "having a treat", only the problem is I get several treats (Friday is my shopping day) and basically then spend a chunk of the weekend eating badly too.  And this seems to counteract the good part of the early week.

Well this week hasn't been too bad, although I'm going to be a bit down with the walking, so we'll just have to see.