Monday, 24 March 2014

just two months

Meant to post this Friday, but I forgot:

So I appear to have only managed two months of (fairly) constant blogging, before going silent again.

Unfortunately, not blogging seems to have a bit of a momentum to it.  That's why I often try to pre-write entries, so that if I don't have the time / can't be arsed to do a blog on a day I have something to fall back on.

However, as my last post attests I got pretty busy with work for a while.  That actually ended a while back, but unfortunately then I was into the post-overwork phase where I just can't be arsed to do stuff.

I'm actually on holiday three days of next week, so I'm guessing normal service won't resume until April.  I'll try and use some of the time I have to write a few blog posts.  I've certainly got a lot to post about; it's just finding the time and summoning the energy to do it that's the problem, as always.